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Welcome to our special page

All these courses and hours require individual arrangements.
Please contact us with a brief description of what you require in an email.
You will then receive a customized quote.  Enquiry Form for Specials

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No gift - no idea?
For all our courses you can request our sports vouchers.


You would like to work individually and personally with a personal ski trainer?
You would like to realize your special needs and goals?

You would like that individual, physical and snow specific conditions are taken into account?

We are here for you and take time to make this happen.

No matter what your skill and the objective, - invest in a few hours, a day ,or in a long-term plan with a professional coach. We can help you achieve the next level!


You have not been on skis for a variety of reasons (family, job, health)?
We plan with you to re-find your ski legs. Your motivation, your  previous experience, your physical and mental conditions determine our actions. We wish that you will feel the charm of this fascinating sport again.

These courses are available at three different levels:

  • blue slope for intermediate skiers           
    goal:parallel Ski turns
  • blue / red run for average skill               
    goal: first carving turns
  • red / black run                                            
    goal: skiing with fluid and reliable edges


You have skied, but long ago? We bring your technique up to date again!

New methods and new ski equipment support our common efforts. Your ski instructor is very patient and careful. He has understanding and empathy and caters to your individual needs.

The motto of the Silver Sneakers:
***It does not matter, how old you get, but how  you get old.***


You have limited time or want to live in the fast lane?

State of the art methodology and special skis promote rapid learning success.
These courses require a higher pace by a good physical condition. 


The effortless gliding through the glistening snow looks fascinating and easy.
Many beginners are tempted to try it alone or with well-meaning advice of friends. Our teachers offer tips and provide the right technology to help you save power, record rhythm and regain vitality.

To learn skating  or classic cross-country skiing is possible with us.
We can train you in two hours of private courses or at a special price along with your partner.